Etiquette IQ Quiz

Test Your Etiquette IQ

Check your etiquette IQ by answering these basic etiquette questions.

1. True or false? Business etiquette rules are frequently different for men and women.

2. True or false? Strong eye contact of between 40 to 60 percent of the time is an important part of a positive professional impression.

3. True or false? In the business arena, women should extend their hand first to initiate a handshake and men should wait for the woman to make the first move.

4. True or false? A name badge may be worn on the left or the right shoulder.

5. True or false? In a proper introduction, the person of greater authority is introduced TO the person of lesser authority.

6. True or false? The way you present yourself on the telephone and on the internet is just as important as the way you present yourself in person.

7. True or false? Upon arrival at a business function, you should get your food and beverage first so you are ready to mingle with other guests.

8. True or false? If no one in the group introduces you, it is important for you to introduce yourself.

9. True or false? As the host, you should always ask your guest to choose the restaurant.

10. True or false? Poor dining skills can sabotage your business career.



1. False. In the business arena, etiquette rules are the same for men and women.

2. True. Eye contact less then 40% and a person is seen as shy or not trustworthy. More than 60% and a person could feel stared at or put on the spot.

3. False. Women and men should feel free to initiate a handshake. Men should not wait for the woman to make the initial move.

4. False. A name badge should always be worn on the right shoulder.

5. False. The person of lesser authority should be introduced TO the person of greater authority.

6. True. It is just as important to make a good impression on the telephone or internet as it is when you are face-to-face with another person.

7. False. The purpose of your attendance at a business function is to work the crowd. To eat or drink should not be a priority.

8. True. Always introduce yourself if no one else makes the introduction.

9. False. As the host, it is your responsibility to choose the restaurant. You should take your guest likes, dislikes, location, etc. into consideration in making your choice.

10. True. The ability to master dining skills is essential for a successful professional.